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Throwing A Party For Your Little Ones Birthday

Some of the best memories that we have of our child hood are the birthday parties that we had and the fun days that we spent with our families, our cousins and our friends. When modern parents think of children’s birthday parties, they often think of expensive affairs where the parents are compelled to spent massive amounts of money and in a world where most people are financially struggling, may parents choose not to have a birthday party for their little ones.

The reason for this believe is that today, the trend amongst many affluent parents is to have massive parties akin to weddings at big five star hotels for their little children however, this trend is a little absurd because these young children are unlikely to remember much about the amount of money spent and very young children will not have the slightest idea about what is happening or about the fact that it is their birthday party to begin with. The sad fact is that most of these parents who invest big amounts of money on their children’s birthday parties do so with the intention of showing off to other parents and relatives. These parties are more about the parents and their need to brag about the amount of money that they have and very little about the children whose birthday it is.

Inexpensive do it yourself parties

The truth is that the best parties are the ones that are planned and done at home from scratch. If you hire a party planner to plan the party for you and if you opt for party photo booth hire, you have already lost most of the memories and the fun associated with the party.

Instead, opt to plan the party by yourself with the help of your kids from beginning to end. Instead of instagram printer hire at Newcastle, choose to build your own personalized photo booth and let your children lead you with ideas and experimentation when building it as this will not only create amazing memories, but it will also help to enhance their creativity, their leadership skills and their craftsmanship.

Choose to make as much for the party yourself as you can. It is far better for you to get together with your kids and decorate a not very nice looking cake than to spend excessive amounts of money on a professionally made cake because the memories that you make while decorating your own home made cake are something that cannot be compared to anything else.