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Some of the best memories that we have of our child hood are the birthday parties that we had and the fun days that we spent with our families, our cousins and our friends. When modern parents think of children’s birthday parties, they often think of expensive affairs where the parents are compelled to spent massive amounts of money and in a world where most people are financially struggling, may parents choose not to have a birthday party for their little ones.

The reason for this believe is that today, the trend amongst many affluent parents is to have massive parties akin to weddings at big five star hotels for their little children however, this trend is a little absurd because these young children are unlikely to remember much about the amount of money spent and very young children will not have the slightest idea about what is happening or about the fact that it is their birthday party to begin with. The sad fact is that most of these parents who invest big amounts of money on their children’s birthday parties do so with the intention of showing off to other parents and relatives. These parties are more about the parents and their need to brag about the amount of money that they have and very little about the children whose birthday it is.

Inexpensive do it yourself parties

The truth is that the best parties are the ones that are planned and done at home from scratch. If you hire a party planner to plan the party for you and if you opt for party photo booth hire, you have already lost most of the memories and the fun associated with the party.

Instead, opt to plan the party by yourself with the help of your kids from beginning to end. Instead of instagram printer hire at Newcastle, choose to build your own personalized photo booth and let your children lead you with ideas and experimentation when building it as this will not only create amazing memories, but it will also help to enhance their creativity, their leadership skills and their craftsmanship.

Choose to make as much for the party yourself as you can. It is far better for you to get together with your kids and decorate a not very nice looking cake than to spend excessive amounts of money on a professionally made cake because the memories that you make while decorating your own home made cake are something that cannot be compared to anything else.

Being fit and healthy is important and physical fitness comes with a lot of benefits. It will give you the energy to carry out different sorts of activities. If will put you in good shape and it will also make sure that you are healthy enough. Unfortunately, being in shape is not an easy task and it requires proper nutrition and a good diet plan. If you exercise regularly with proper nutrition, you could maintain good health.

First off, you need to exercise effectively. You might have your own method of exercising and it’s important to exercise regularly. According to science you need to be exercise at least 30 minutes a day to be healthy. You could schedule you exercises just like you schedule all your commitments and appointments so that it would be carried out on a regular basis. When it comes to mode of exercise you could always choose a mode which you prefer. You could take up belly dance classes or even go to the gym to stay fit. The gym might come off as a mainstream activity while dancing would come off as a unique activity. You might have to choose the way of exercising depending on your body type and goal. If you plan on reducing weight and you want to tone up your body, you could go with dancing. If you plan on gaining muscle you could go to the gym instead.

To search for the best places to dance you could hire good belly dancer and ensure that you follow up on the class hours. Another important aspect to stay fit and healthy is your diet. You need to ensure that you eat clean. It’s important to ensure that you avoid oily and sugar products because they are rich in calories. Eating healthy comes with a great deal of benefits. First off it ensures that you are healthy and secondly it could give your skin a good complexion. One of the best ways to eat healthy is by preparing your own meals. It’s scientifically proven that home cooked meals contain lower levels or fat and lower levels of sugar. Therefore, making sure you eat healthy will also ensure that you could stay fit.

All in all, it’s important to exercise regularly with proper nutrition and maintain a good diet plan. When it comes to exercising, you could choose the mode which suits you the best and when it comes to the food you could ensure that you cook it by yourself just to make sure they are low in sugar and fat.

Many people want to write songs with meaningful lyrics. But it is a difficult job to write meaningful lyrics. Some suggestions are given below to write song lyrics:

You should think of a topic about which you want to write songs. Some inspiring topics or some topics which may make you sad could be a better choice for writing song lyrics. A person whom you admire the most could be the inspiration of lyrics.

You have to concentrate on the chorus part also. To understand chorus you must take singing lessons. Chorus must be understandable but chorus should not be too long.

Not only singing lessons, you must write words and chorus both from your heart. Your passion and commitment must reflect in your songs, so that those songs could reach to listeners’ heart easily. Visit this link if you want singing lessons for kids in Melbourne.

Some life changing events are also a better choice to write songs. You have to maintain originality always. The topic which someone has already used before should not be same in your lyrics. You may write some inspiring topics and then choose among those topics. Another way of choosing topic can be magazines and newspapers.

Always remember to use simple words in lyrics. Every listener should understand the meaning of the lyrics. To choose understandable words you may consult dictionary or friends. Try to use some catchy words in lyrics. But sometimes complicated words also attract listeners to a particular song.

Another way of writing meaningful lyrics is to write your own feelings. The feelings can be positive or negative. If the feeling is positive you can add more ideas and colors to this. But, if the feeling is negative you should write something in lyrics to get rid of the feeling. You may write lyrics in political or magical manner. If you are a follower of a particular band you can follow their techniques even. You can write lyrics in the form of a story even. So that audience keeps on listening to the song till end.

Some easy tips can be like:

• Simple rhythmic words with the same ending sound could be a great combination. But don’t write over rhythmic words. Chorus can be made rhythmic in the same way.

• Try to maintain a note book to write piece of lyrics when those come in your mind.

• Always try to avoid common sentences and using same phrase more than one time.

Take time, practice well and write catchy and meaningful songs for your audience.