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Major Characteristics Of Choreography

When it comes to choreography, there are not one, but several approaches that need to be incorporated. Some of the key characteristics may include continuity, unity, transition, and repetition. The same has been discussed in brief below.


When there is continuity, it helps in creating a room to conclusion in a logical way. The emphasis lies in the process of the event and the observer needs to move along till the end. There is a progression seen in an organized and natural manner so as to ensure that one phrase or movement leads to the next one naturally. There are ballroom dance classes Melbourne and many other types, where in continuity plays a significant role to ensure that the final outcome is a perfect one.


There are many ways to seek tango lessons to ensure that your marriage day turns out to be an entertaining and memorable one. Another characteristic is the unity as distinct movements should flow together in the choreography. If there is no unity, then each and every movement will feel like it has the same or similar ambience and character about them. Thereafter, a sudden movement or series of steps appear in front of you which may look totally different. These types of movement do not match with the feeling and stands out as different from the actual one. Hence, it is important for choreographers to pay attention to unity as it has the strong capability of attracting and holding the attention of the audience.


As far as transitions from one sequence to the other one is concerned, it is agreed as every transition is the essence of the choreography. It has a large contribution when it comes to unity. However, if the one observing finds the progression of different phrases noticeable, it definitely means that the transitions are not strong but poor. As a result, it distracts the viewers as they come in the way of involvement. It also draws attention to the design and structure of the choreography instead of allowing the viewers to focus on the complete form or feeling of the work.


In order to keep the interest of the audiences intact, it is important for a choreographer to add variations in the formation of the moves. If the same phrase or moves is performed repeatedly, it does get boring and monotonous. There should be some contracts and designs that help in adding excitement. However, there should be some repetition that needs to be maintained for audiences to see it again and get familiar with them. When the moves are repeated, it also provides a feeling of winding up.