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How To Plan an Adventure Together

You have just visited your friend’s place after many weeks for a chat. Your friend just like you have being busy and the two of you haven’t had the time to meet up earlier. But finally the two of you have managed to find a suitable time when both of you are free and have finally met up. You sit down for a chat with your friend in her beautifully landscaped garden and get talking about various issues of interest. The two of you discuss your shopping sprees, the jewellery shops you’ll have visited together, the shoes and clothes stores that you have shopped at and the interesting outings at some of the popular hotels in the city.

Exciting trips

The two of you have always being the adventurous kind and have enjoyed exciting trips of hiking and safaris in the past. Your friend just like you is always ready to experience a new challenge or a new adventure from time to time. So while discussing these topics your friend suddenly tells you that she would like to go to an escape room and have some fun for a change. You are caught by surprise when she tells you she wants to go to such a place because you are clueless about what this is all about.

Unusual and unique games

You ask your friend what these escape rooms in Melbourne are and she is surprised that you have not heard of such a place. She immediately tells you that the two of you should go there right now and experience the thrill of such a place. Your friend also tells you that there is such a place close by and it wouldn’t take very long to get there. You are all game as usual so the two of you set off to this exciting place that you have heard so much about from your friend but are yet to experience. When you come to the place, to you this is just another building with signs and boards displayed outside. But when you enter the place you are amazed at the unusual and unique games and puzzles on display. The place is filled with a variety of colourful puzzles and games and you cannot even figure out what you are supposed to do.

Solve the puzzle

Your friend who has obviously being there before starts explaining to you what you need to do at this place. She tells you that this is an adventurous game where you have to solve the puzzle by using your own knowledge and intelligence and that until you do so you cannot leave the place.